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Real Estate FAQs

Successful real estate projects have three things in common: investment, planning, and organization. In my practice as a real estate lawyer, I help clients achieve their goals by providing guidance in this complex area. Below are frequently asked questions I’ve encountered over the years.

Have there been any major changes in the law recently in Real Estate Law?

Zoning laws go through small changes all the time, but only a couple of more significant changes have occurred over the last several years. Zoning issues and land use ordinances relating to California’s legalization of marijuana continue to evolve. There are different ordinances about personal use cultivation, dispensaries and commercial medical marijuana businesses that will likely keep changing as we move forward. There have also been changes to the permitted uses for single-family homes.

What challenges should I expect to face when acquiring or developing a property?

Many people underestimate the amount of planning, organization and investment needed to get the permits they want. Getting government permits involves a large amount of paperwork, which is why it is essential to have someone experienced on your side from the beginning.

Can you represent me in a public forum, such as a hearing before city, county, state or other boards?

Yes. I often represent clients in both formal and informal hearings. In many cases, it is better to have an attorney advising you in these early stages – instead of calling someone when you’re already facing litigation. I can also assist clients with mediation and negotiations.

How can I avoid land use and zoning conflicts as a buyer or developer?

Learn everything you can about the property and have representation up front. A real estate agent cannot give you full advice on how to use a property. By working with an attorney experienced in land use and zoning, you can avoid issues down the road.

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